The concept of chakras originates from Eastern cultures and refers to spinning balls of energy that act as junction points for lines of energy that radiate throughout the body. There are believed to be many chakras, but seven are considered the most important, and each has its own color and vibrational frequency. Chakras cannot be physically felt but can be sensed. They are often portrayed in a line, running up the spine, from the root chakra at the base of the spine to the crown chakra at the top of the head. Balancing the chakras is essential for the physical body and aura to receive cosmic energy. 

Chakra information

When chakras become blocked, it can cause physical, emotional, or spiritual problems. The mind, body, soul, and spirit are interconnected, and correcting an imbalance in one area can help bring balance to the others. Factors such as our environment and cultural background can affect the chakras. Becoming aware of which chakras are out of balance is important to align them, and the passage provides a table detailing how imbalances can manifest in each chakra.

Imbalanced chakraImbalanced chakra

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