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Gaja Boheme

Intention Kit - Abundance

Intention Kit - Abundance

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Our Abundance Manifestation Candle was created with a blend of herbs and essential oils that are revered for their ability to draw in prosperity, good luck, and abundance. The fresh aroma of amber, basil, & musk is bound to motivate & push you to reaching your goals and attain all the abundance that was destined for you! In addition to its herbs and oils, our Abundance Candle includes Aventurine, Citrine, and Tigers Eye crystals. Aventurine & Citrine is the ultimate Crystal combination to attract prosperity, good luck, and an overflow of abundance. Tigers Eye can help draw in business opportunities - showing you the secrets to success. 

With your candle, you'll also receive the Abundance Oil that is infused with herbs such as Cinnamon, Bay Leaves, Basil, Cloves, AllSpice, & Patchouli to bring all that Abundance you're destined for. Place it on the palm of your hands and envision all the money coming your way!

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