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Gaja Boheme

Chakra Manifestation Candle - Crown

Chakra Manifestation Candle - Crown

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The crown (7th chakra) is located at the top of the head. It represents states of higher consciousness and divine connection. If unbalanced, it attributes would be cynicism, disregarding what is sacred, closed mindedness, and disconnection with spirit.

Our Crown Chakra Manifestation Candle has been infused with lavender for peace and relaxation. It is also used for treating anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Made
with Amethyst and Citrine Crystals, this combination is
perfect to manifest abundance, wisdom, and spirituality. 
Amethyst provides peace and tranquility while Citrine
offers happiness, self love, and radiance. Together, they
provide a calming presence. 

It has a beautiful, blended fragrance consisting of fresh lavender complemented by vanilla notes with deep undertones of sandalwood.
Wooden Wicks are perfect for an even and longer burn! 
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