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Gaja Boheme

Rising Phoenix Balancing Bracelet Set

Rising Phoenix Balancing Bracelet Set

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This beautiful bracelet set combines and amplifies the powers of self confidence, balance, spiritual growth, & courage all in one! We’ve added the following stones:

Tigers Eye:

- Carries the energies of a combination of Sun and Earth elements.

- Enhances focus and willpower, giving one the courage to step out of their comfort zone and take action to achieve their goals.

- Amplifies the energies of other crystals as well as one's intentions, making it a powerful manifestation tool.

- Helps one feel self-empowered and reduces the need for approval from others.

Rudraksha Beads:

- Supportive in maintaining physical and mental balance

- For spiritual seekers, it supports to enhance one’s spiritual growth.

- Aids in prosperity and balancing.

- Acts like a protective guard that safeguards its wearer from negative energies.

- Provides you with stability and good support by creating a protective covering all around you.

Phoenix Stone:

- Absorbs negative energies 

- Cleanses all Chakras 

- Provides courage, self confidence, dispels fears

- Provides balance to yin/yang energy 




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