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Gaja Boheme

The Red Tent Gathering

The Red Tent Gathering

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Join us April 29th 2023 at 6pm


as we all sing, dance, share, meditate, and celebrate! Our intention is to gather women together in the safe + sacred space of the red tent, to build a network of support between women, to honor the rites of passage of womanhood, to release+ be held sharing about the experiences of living in the female body, to give permission for rest, connection + Play, to build sisterhood. 

What to Bring:

  • Please wear red or white with a red scarf. The color red is in honor of our WOMBanhood, our monthly bleed, & courage
  • A Notebook & Pen
  • Anything from home that makes you COMFY!

Started by Alicia

Starkweather, the Red Tent movement is growing, worldwide, slowly and organically. It is a recognition of the need for many women to seek and provide support and to have a place for themselves, to embrace themselves, to BE THEMSELVES. This is Your Room. 

The Red Tent is about meeting women's own needs. These are women who are seeking to respect and understand their cycles and their bodies. These are women who want to take care of their own well-being with a society that accepts and supports them.

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